New Crochet Blanket Pattern For You

I’ve realised that I’m an idiot. It’s been a sneaking suspicion for a while, but the more I look at other craft blogs I realise that, really, the truth of it is, I’m an idiot. I love getting an email through from my favourite bloggers updating me about new patterns they’ve added to their website, … Continue reading New Crochet Blanket Pattern For You

How to Use Up That Yarn Stash #1

Hey y'all, (I've been watching A LOT of Nashville lately!) I really want to show you something I've made that has used up a tonne of leftover yarn from my stash. It's the perfect pattern for using up scraps because there are parts that need quite substantial amounts of yarn and then other parts that … Continue reading How to Use Up That Yarn Stash #1

March WIPs

1. Scrap blanket continues! For those of you that aren't aware from my Twitter or Instagram accounts this blanket has been an ongoing project from the beginning of my crochet journey. At the start I would buy any and every knit/crochet magazine without even a nod to quality, nor any particular attention to whether I … Continue reading March WIPs