North and South Scarf

Make an extra-long statement scarf

This scarf is extra-long so it hangs in a dramatic fashion almost to the knees when left straight and unwrapped. Alternatively it looks equally dramatic when wrapped around the neck as many times as possible. It’s made from the same West Country Spinners yarn from Yorkshire as the “North and South Beanie” and shows how different the Lichen colour-way can look depending on the stitch pattern. The orange stripe looks particularly stunning when the scarf hangs straight down the body.


West Yorkshire Spinners Ilustrious in Lichen 300g

Wendy Ramsdale DK Thirsk 100g


4.5mm Hook

5mm Hook


STEP ONE: Foundation Chain

Using 5mm hook ch 210

STEP TWO: Foundation Row

1 dc in each chain


Ch 1 (turning chain)

1 dc into the back loop of every stitch

Repeat until width of piece measures approximately 5cm


Switch to a 4.5mm hook.

Using Wendy Ramsdale 1dc into every stitch

Ch1 (turning chain)

Repeat step 4 until orange Ramsdale band measures approximately 3cm


Switch back to 5mm hook and Illustrious yarn

Ch 1 (turning chain)

1 dc into back loop of every stitch

Repeat Step 5 until width of scarf measures 18cm

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North and South Scarf Free Crochet Pattern