Crossed Wires Coasters

These coasters are quick to make once you’ve learnt the stitch pattern. It’s easy to make piles of them for use outside in the summer and if you make them out of cotton they are very resilient to summer dining. I throw them in the washing machine and as long as I dry them flat, I can get away with not blocking them. Anything for an easy life! I’ve made mine using blue cotton yarn because the crossed stitches look like waves, but there really is no reason why you couldn’t make them using a different colour palette to suit your outdoor dining area.


4mm hook

DK yarn with a slight sheen (it shows the stitch definition really well and allows it to be the star of the show!). Here are just a few that I like – I will add to the list as and when I find more that are suitable.

King Cole Smooth DK available from or Deramores

King Cole Bamboo Cotton from

Sirdar Cotton DK has the perfect sheen to show stitch definition and if you’re quick you can catch it on sale at

Chain 16 (+2) 18 chains


1 dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc in each remaining ch, turn.

ROW 1:

3ch (counts as first tr), (miss the first dc – the one at the base of the chain 3)

1tr in each of next 3 dc, yrh and insert hook from front to back in dc at base of ch3, yrh and draw long loop through. You need to pull this through quite far so that it doesn’t crush the first 3tr you made! [Yrh and draw through first 2 loops] twice. This is basically a long treble crochet stitch.

*miss next dc, 1tr in each of next 3dc, 1 long tr in last missed dc

Rep from * to last dc, 1 tr in last dc, turn.


1ch (turning chain)

1dc in each tr to end (though DO NOT dc into the top of the ch3)

Rep rows 1 and 2 FOUR times to form coaster

Double crochet evenly around remaining three sides

I have found that an extra stitch in each corner gives a smooth edge. I also stick to the principle of 2dc along a tr stitch/ch3 and 1 dc in between on the dc rows when trying to get a tight, straight edge.

Weave in the loose end with a tapestry needle. Running it straight along a dc row works best.

Free crochet pattern