Crazy Zauberball Shawl

Keep a spring chill at bay with this wild and crazy colour-changing shawl

Made with just one Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel this shawl/scarf can be as dramatic as the colour-way you dare to choose. This one is made using lots of shades of green with a little red and blue. I’ve just done a simple double crochet edging in leftover dark red 4ply yarn I had from another project. It perfectly enhances the “crazy” of the yarn itself. There’s a huge range of colours to choose from, so just grab a ball and get started!


1 x Crazy Zauberball of your choice. I chose 1701 Parrot


6mm crochet hook


STEP ONE: Foundation Chain

Ch 11

STEP TWO: Foundation row

Tr in 5th ch from hook, tr in next foundation ch, ch 2, tr in next 2 foundation chains, ch 1, tr in last foundation ch. Turn.


Ch 4 (counts as tr and ch1)

Sk 1 st, *tr in next stitch, 2tr in next tr, ch2*, repeat once.

Tr in next st, 2tr in next st, ch1, tr in 3rd ch from base of ch 4



Ch4, *tr in next tr st, 3tr in next tr, tr in next tr, ch2*. Repeat from * to * once.

Tr in next tr, 3tr in next tr, tr in next tr, ch1, tr in 3rd chain from base of ch4

STEP FOUR: Row three

Ch4, *tr in next 2tr, 3tr in next tr, tr in next 2tr, ch2*. Repeat once.

Tr in next 2tr, 3tr in next tr, tr in next 2tr, ch1, tr in 3rd chain from base of ch4


Continue in this pattern, always hooking 3 trebles in the centre treble of the previous 3 treble group

The shawl will grow larger after every row. Keep going until you run out of yarn, but finish on a completed row.

STEP SIX: Edging

Dc around all edges. Use these suggested number of stitches as guidelines, but increase or decrease according to what works best with your shawl. Down the sides hook 2dc per tr post, 3dc in every corner, 1dc in every dc stitch along bottom edge, 2 dc in the 2 ch gaps

You could try this – Where there is a 3tr group skip first tr, 5 tr in 2nd tr, skip 3rd tr in group

It gives sharper, longer pointy bits!

Crazy Zauberball Shawl Free Crochet Pattern