Checkers Cowl

I really wanted to play around with the horizontal nature of the cowl by adding in some contrasting vertical stripes, however, and this might sound odd, I didn’t want it to be stripy as such! After experimenting with some different yarns and stitch patterns I decided a variegated yarn gives me the effect I’m after, the splashes of colour appear as streaks and flashes every so often and they fade in and out beautifully. This doesn’t make it subtle, oh no, I didn’t want subtle, but it does stop the stripes from being too regular and too blocky. I’m really pleased with the result and this colour-way is my particular favourite.

This is a fantastic pattern for the beginner and intermediate crocheter. As long as you have mastered the double and treble crochet stitch, this pattern is a quick and easy make. You could always try the pattern out with a chunky variegated yarn instead and see how that comes out. Please do play around with the design and have some fun with it.


4.5mm hook

King Cole Sprite DK 100g ball – substitute with any variegated DK yarn for similar effect (I have used the Ibiza colour-way)

Tapestry needle


Ch/ch: chain

St/st: stitch

Dc/dc: double crochet

Tr/tr: treble stitch



Ch 36 stitches

FOUNDATION ROW: Dc in second chain from hook, dc in next 4 ch, *tr in next 5 ch, dc in next 5 ch*

Repeat from * to * twice (35 stitches in total)

Turn work

ROW 1: Ch3 (counts as first treble stitch), tr in next 4 st, *dc in next 5 st, tr in next 5 st*

Repeat from * to * twice

ROW TWO: Ch1 (turning chain) dc in next 4 st, *tr in next 5 st, dc in next 5 st*

Repeat from * to * twice

Rows 1 and 2 form the pattern

Continue to work in pattern until piece measures 160cm

Join seam in your preferred method. I have used mattress stitch. There are lots of really good tutorials on YouTube that can help you with this

I would love to see how your projects turn out so please take plenty of photos and post them on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #checkerscowl and feel free to tag me in any of your photos so I know to take a look!

**PLEASE NOTE** you are welcome to sell items created from this pattern, but please credit my shop (add shop name here) for the pattern. Please do not change, share, duplicate or sell this pattern in any way. This pattern is for personal use with the exception of selling items made from it. Thank you for supporting an independent design!

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