New Yarn!

One feeling is possibly better than any other… Opening a new package of yarn!

This arrived from Countessablaze – isn’t it stunning…?!

I can’t wait to get started…


June Project

Loads of crocheted bits and pieces have been created recently. I’d love to say they’ve all been successful, but, well… That wouldn’t be entirely true!

So here’s one of the bestThis cowl came about from an impulse purchase of Icelandic Lopi yarn from Anj Medhurst’s great Meadow Yarn shop. It comes in an incredible range of colours, but I found myself drawn to darker colours such as navy and brown. The buttercup yellow was designed to lift the two deeper, darker colours – I think it’s worked.

I was originally going to do horizontal stripes in each colour which would have looked nice, but I’ve become addicted to my 25mm, enormous crochet hook. To do that I either need a super bulky specialist yarn OR 3-4 strands of a chunky yarn. I decided to see what kind of look and drape I could get from 3 strands of Lopi.

It ended up being the perfect way of showing the texture of the stitches.

It’s crocheted in the round using the yarn held treble. I added the navy blue trim along one edge as that seemed to show off the drape of the textile really beautifully.

I made it long enough to wrap around the neck twice, wide enough to pull up and over the head like a hood and also so it can be wrapped around shoulders and hung down the back like a shawl. It’s extremely versatile and I think will be worn incessantly all next winter!

Reasons to Love Being Crafty in Derbyshire

My post-Easter trip to Belper, Derbyshire went swimmingly on the crafting front. I was there in the first place to attend the wedding of a Dear Friend who inspired me to go beyond what I was then doing, which was buying and selling vintage fabric and textiles, and to actually start crocheting myself. I’d always been able to knit but crocheting had somehow always looked too complicated – how could you make anything with just one stick for goodness sake…! Anyway, when said Dear Friend arrived at work one day having mastered the basic stitches of crochet in a weekend, I was both lent a “how-to” book and inspired to try and have go myself. Thank goodness I did. Yarn based activities have definitely stuck.

Anyway, DF looked beautiful and had a great day and the rest of the week stretched out into all sorts of crafting (and walking) activities, some of which I’ve already recorded on here.

These were my main discoveries and reasons to be crafty in Derbyshire…

1. Beautiful and inspirational surroundings

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bright spring flowers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Richest greens and blues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Stunning industrial heritage…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA …and the perfect choice of red for the Pump House door

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Undeniably true blue sky

2. Quiltessential Patchwork and Quilting Shop, Cromford Mill, Cromford


There is a wide selection of fabrics for patchwork and dressmaking. I found myself picking out a palette of fabrics with a coastal theme, though I avoided the stereotypical light pastels and stripes and found myself choosing some intense, rich colours and patterns enhanced by a mustard yellow and smidge of cerise pink. Very unexpected theme for me, but I suspect the depth of colour in the environment was working its magic.

IMG_1872 IMG_1871

Also there was a bargain box of fat quarters for £1.50 – it’d be rude not to…


3. Crafts Cornucopia, Belper, Derbyshire

A delightful shop that runs crafting workshops. I had a lovely chat with the owner about King Cole yarns. I’ve never particularly rated their output but I found myself talking to an expert stockist and quite possibly their biggest fan. They are the only brand of yarn sold in this shop and I became totally convinced that the brand itself is moving forward with its products at a surprisingly fast rate. I felt quite excited just listening to all the new developments and will watch this changing brand with more interest than ever before. I ended up, of course, making a purchase…


This Bamboozle yarn is bonkers!!! It’s a slubby with so many different textures and colours I was beside myself with excitement choosing which colourway to go for. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I could wear anything made out of it (!) but I have plans for a cushion cover or small throw to go on a VERY plain sofa.

And if you think Bamboozle’s bonkers, what about this…


It’s got a wild pair of socks written all over it!

And finally, at the more subtle and impressive end of the spectrum, King Cole have a 100% wool yarn that I discovered for the first time at Crafts Cornucopia. It’s very beautiful, soft and comes in a range of subtle “misty” colours. And what with it being from a value brand was exceptional value for the quality.


I have yet to make anything using these yarns as there are other important WIPs, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know what they are like to work with.

So, if you get the chance, visit Derbyshire and get crafting!