Why am I such a bad finisher?!

So, here’s the thing. Whenever I approach the end of a project I slow right down and take ages to finish – big or small, it doesn’t matter to me. I can apply snail-pace to anything from adding a Pom Pom to a hat to adding the final finger of a glove. You’d think I’d be motivated to speed up; the end’s in sight for goodness sake, but no, with me it just doesn’t seem to work like that. I wonder if that feeling I get when I’m suddenly aware that an hour’s dedicated work could get the whole thing “done” is actually one of loss. Do I have attachment problems with wool I’ve looped and twisted, contorted into shape? It’s possible. It’s definitely possible. The beginning of a project is one of the most exciting things on the planet (small, plain unobtrusive planet inhabited by one) and an experience I repeat far too often. But the end of a project is something I endure rather than enjoy because it means that something good is over, something I enjoyed and that kept my waking hours busy. We often claim to love crochet, but sometimes I think what we mean is we love the process, the making part, more than anything else. AND more than anything else I just hate saying goodbye to that glorious middle bit. But eventually I do. Am I worried about this? No. I’m just glad I understand it a bit better than when I sat down five minutes ago to write this… Here’s some nearly finished things x


Guess the WIP – nearly done!

So I’m approaching the end of one of my Works in Progress and I thought I’d share where it’s got to. I’m finding loads of time to pick up existing projects and start a load of new ones now that the summer break has started. More about those in a future post. 

As you can see, a considerable amount of the work has been done from bed! The final stage is a little nifty stitching to turn it into something in particular. I’ll be sure to share a photo when it’s done. Thanks for all the guesses so far, some are warm but nobody’s got it just yet…