Spicy Cinnamon Wristwarmers and More

I don’t know about you but October feels busy, busy, busy. It’s that time of year when crafters kick into gear thinking about Christmas gifts and winter yarn creations. I love this time of year – once it’s got past 9am (am less keen on dark mornings). I have reasons to celebrate too this Autumn, … Continue reading Spicy Cinnamon Wristwarmers and More

North and South Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

I love this pattern so much! I went a little crazy with my favourite West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. This scarf is extra-long so it hangs in a dramatic fashion almost to the knees, when left straight and unwrapped. Alternatively it looks equally dramatic when wrapped around the neck as many times as possible. It’s made … Continue reading North and South Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

How to Save Money Buying Yarn #1

Go to Poundland I'm not kidding! There is a range of acrylic yarn available in Poundland that actually has some good shades. These are blue, green, grey and pink. There is much to avoid so please don't be put off by your initial glance at the wool shelves. There are of course shades of peach, … Continue reading How to Save Money Buying Yarn #1