North and South Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

I love this pattern so much! I went a little crazy with my favourite West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. This scarf is extra-long so it hangs in a dramatic fashion almost to the knees, when left straight and unwrapped. Alternatively it looks equally dramatic when wrapped around the neck as many times as possible. It’s made from West Yorkshire Spinners yarn and Wendy Ramsdale. It’s quick and simple to make for your man – you might even find yourself borrowing it on the sly…!

To find out how to make it simply click here – Enjoy

North and South Scarf Free Crochet Pattern



New Crochet Blanket Pattern For You

I’ve realised that I’m an idiot. It’s been a sneaking suspicion for a while, but the more I look at other craft blogs I realise that, really, the truth of it is, I’m an idiot.

I love getting an email through from my favourite bloggers updating me about new patterns they’ve added to their website, or to their Etsy shop. Sometimes I like the patterns, sometimes I don’t. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I just enjoy the update and being really nosy about what other people enjoy making! I’ve realised I just add things to this website, but don’t actually tell anyone they are there – duh! Idiot Move Number One!

I have a few patterns on here already, with even more to add, so things will definitely be changing!

So in case you haven’t had a look around already, there’s a really simple but stunning, summer blanket pattern already on the site. It’s called Sunset Crush because why wouldn’t you want to name a pattern so it sounds like a 1980s cocktail…?! It’s bright and fresh thanks to the coral, buttercup and white colour-scheme, tempered slightly by the mallard blue/grey. The colours are my favourite thing about this blanket, then the stripes – stripes will ALWAYS be cool!

I hope you like the tropical colours and it makes you think of the hot summer days to come this year.

Please pin it on a Pinterest board for later. You can see I’ve added it to a Crochet Patterns board myself – perfect. Thank you!


Here’s the Crochet Patterns board – you might like to follow it. I will not just be adding my own patterns but lots of others that really inspire me.

Christmas Holiday Greetings

December has been exceptionally busy on the crafting front. I have more yarn than I know what to do with and more ideas than my crocheting fingers can keep up with. Does this happen to anyone else? I have to keep scribbling down ideas before they get lost in the mahoosive pile of WIPs I already have on the go, perched as they are on various surfaces about the house.

Christmas has been lovely. I filled the house with handmade bits and pieces.

And became even more determined to be as close to a 100% handmade Christmas next year.

I’ve been increasingly focused on using up all the yarn that I am privileged to possess. Hence an abundance of cowls and scarves appearing on an almost daily basis…

I’ve also spent hours trying to decide what to do with some new yarn I got for Christmas and have thus far come up with a stitch pattern that looks like little bows in a column.

Quite what I’m going to do with it all next, I have no idea.

I’ll be back in the new year with some 2017 crafting resolutions. Most of which I cannot wait to get started on!

How to Save Money Buying Yarn #1

Go to Poundland

I’m not kidding! There is a range of acrylic yarn available in Poundland that actually has some good shades. These are blue, green, grey and pink. There is much to avoid so please don’t be put off by your initial glance at the wool shelves. There are of course shades of peach, things with cheap silver thread interwoven and much in the way of cheap-looking “thin” colours. However, there are some gems, so let’s return to them. Without a shadow of doubt the cornflower blue is my absolute favourite. I’ve made a really striking cushion cover from this shade.

The dark green is such a rich shade that it really looks expensive. I haven’t used it in a project yet because I can’t decide how to make the best of it. It’s so vibrant. I think I want to make a blanket and it’s the ideal yarn to use for a blanket because it’s such good value I can buy loads of it, plus I can put it in the washing machine as it’s acrylic.

I’ve used the grey and pink too.

Such a phenomenal find. If I discover any more yarn bargains I’ll let you all know.

Happy guilt-free knitting and crocheting x