I’ve decided to publish my online income because I think it will be useful to other crafters to follow along as I attempt make enough money to pay for my favourite hobby.

I strongly believe from everything I’ve read that this IS possible.

I also really need to do this to keep me on the straight and narrow as far as my blogging adventure is concerned. I am a full time teacher in a secondary school and believe me it takes up a lot of time to do it well. To me teaching is the most rewarding action you can undertake in life, but whether you are a parent trying to teach your child to be healthy and wise, or a historian trying to develop interpretations of the past that will inform the present, it’s flipping hard work! It is seriously hard work. It means I struggle to consistently blog therefore I am, in some ways, making myself accountable to you dear readers. I am making a commitment to you that I will keep you informed of my progress and will, along the way show how you too can make money from your crafting hobby.

Click here to find out what happened in April…

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read it all.





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