MARCH 2017 INCOME REPORT: Yarn baskets take off!

I’ve decided to publish my online income because I think it will be useful to other crafters to follow along as I attempt make enough money to pay for my favourite hobby.

I strongly believe from everything I’ve read that this IS possible.

I also really need to do this to keep me on the straight and narrow as far as my blogging adventure is concerned. I am a full time teacher in a secondary school and believe me it takes up a lot of time to do it well. To me teaching is the most rewarding action you can undertake in life, but whether you are a parent trying to teach your child to be healthy and wise, or a historian trying to develop interpretations of the past that will inform the present, it’s flipping hard work! It is seriously hard work. It means I struggle to consistently blog therefore I am, in some ways, making myself accountable to you dear readers. I am making a commitment to you that I will keep you informed of my progress and will, along the way show how you too can make money from your crafting hobby.

Here’s what happened in March:


8 thoughts on “MARCH 2017 INCOME REPORT: Yarn baskets take off!

    • missbezsays says:

      Well considering I did it in the midst of a temper tantrum over WordAds, really rather well! I’m still sort of in the midst of it all and am trying to keep lots of notes as I go. It’s been yet another learning curve and I have had moments of frustrated tearfulness simply because sometimes instructions miss out really simple things that a complete novice won’t instinctively “get”. What I’ve done so far is set up a Bluehost account on one of their plans that allows unlimited websites – I have lots that are at various stages – I’ll blog about THAT soon too! I’ve practised moving one website including a full domain name transfer (bought through to Bluehost and had confirmation that it’s gone through OK. I did this as a practise on a website I have only started to add content to (an A-level history one for my students at school). The other ones I’ve moved across by “pointing” them at Bluehost. I will transfer these domains properly now I know I’ve done it right. There’s quite a lot to it and to think about, but now I’ve done it I think I can explain some of it to people next month in simple terms – the way I understand things anyway! Time will tell if it will allow me to cover the costs of my hobbies, which is what I really want! I will keep everyone posted as I go…

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