January Income Report: Will I Make an Income from Crochet?


Welcome everyone, it’s good to see you here. I’ve made an important decision and here it is…

I am going to try and monetise my website to see if I can earn a small monthly income from my crochet “doings” online.


My main reason for doing this is to see if I can make enough to cover the WordPress hosting fees and enough to cover the cost of buying the yarn I need to keep generating patterns. I have no idea whether I will be able to do this, but others have and do, so I’m going to give it a go. Note the tone of determination!

I would absolutely love to take you on this journey with me because I hope to make it work and inspire other crafters to do the same. I am happy to go first and make all the many (many!) mistakes there are bound to be on the way to this goal. Are you up for it?! If so then please join the mailing list so you get my monthly progress updates. Done it? Yay! Good to have you on board – I’m really excited to be doing this with you.

So I thought I’d take the plunge and start sharing my online income every month, as well as sharing anything I’ve read, learnt or done along the way. I think it might be really useful to make public something like this, because I know I find the reports by other bloggers inspirational, reassuring and educational.

Income I’ve decided to include is…

Pin it for later!

Pin it for later!


6 thoughts on “January Income Report: Will I Make an Income from Crochet?

  1. SunDust says:

    Hello! I would love to sell my crocheted pieces. I at least want to gain enough profit to buy more supplies. But I feel like nobody will buy it. It’s great to see you are taking this risk. I am looking forward to your journey.

  2. Tami - Tanglewood Knots says:

    This is really interesting – February was my first full month and I’m anxiously waiting to see if I will be able to earn back the WordPress domain/hosting fee. There is really not much good information online about how much you may be able to make with monetizing the premium plan. Thank you for sharing your experience. 😀

    • missbezsays says:

      Thanks for the comment. How did you do? I’ve actually taken the plunge and gone self-hosted and I’m currently working out if there’s anything on this site that I want to move across to the new one! It’s all change at my end!

      • Tami says:

        I ended up with less than 50 ad impressions so my earnings were less than $1. I doubled the amount of views in March so I’m just going to focus on posting a lot and growing my audience. 🙂

      • missbezsays says:

        Yes, mine didn’t even get above 10 cents, but then I only get about 3K page views. I will definitely be concentrating on getting more page views. I’d love you to take a sneaky peek at at the new site I’m working on. It’s http://www.woollytruckle.com and whilst live isn’t in any way finished, I think it’s gradually coming together. It’s self-hosted so I can do more to it and add more elements to it. Massive learning curve and lots of frustration! I will be adding Google Adsense to it soon. Once I get to 3k page views on the new site it will be interesting to compare if there’s a difference. I’m also thinking of keeping In the Crochet Garden as a kind of personal, bit scatty and all over the place blog, but try and keep Woolly Truckle more on brand. Argh! Too much to think about!!!

      • Tami says:

        I know right! Well at least you’re going about it in a very smart forward thinking way. Building a brand is so important. I’m still undecided about doing an etsy store – I want to focus more on creating patterns that will generate income long term. That is such a scary world because there are so many patterns it’s hard to come up with something truly unique. I’m just not convinced that Etsy is the best way to make a steady income. Plus I worry that I would end up just making tons of hats and not really creating anything, but more trying to find the quickest smallest projects to get them up on the etsy store. I will check out woollytruckle right now! What a neat name! 😀

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