New Crochet Blanket Pattern For You

I’ve realised that I’m an idiot. It’s been a sneaking suspicion for a while, but the more I look at other craft blogs I realise that, really, the truth of it is, I’m an idiot.

I love getting an email through from my favourite bloggers updating me about new patterns they’ve added to their website, or to their Etsy shop. Sometimes I like the patterns, sometimes I don’t. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I just enjoy the update and being really nosy about what other people enjoy making! I’ve realised I just add things to this website, but don’t actually tell anyone they are there – duh! Idiot Move Number One!

I have a few patterns on here already, with even more to add, so things will definitely be changing!

So in case you haven’t had a look around already, there’s a really simple but stunning, summer blanket pattern already on the site. It’s called Sunset Crush because why wouldn’t you want to name a pattern so it sounds like a 1980s cocktail…?! It’s bright and fresh thanks to the coral, buttercup and white colour-scheme, tempered slightly by the mallard blue/grey. The colours are my favourite thing about this blanket, then the stripes – stripes will ALWAYS be cool!

I hope you like the tropical colours and it makes you think of the hot summer days to come this year.

Please pin it on a Pinterest board for later. You can see I’ve added it to a Crochet Patterns board myself – perfect. Thank you!


Here’s the Crochet Patterns board – you might like to follow it. I will not just be adding my own patterns but lots of others that really inspire me.

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