How I Improved My Instagram Craft Photography #2

So I’m still agonising over this several months later!

I’m still not anywhere near being there – that “place” that I want to be with my photography, nor the look I want to represent me and the things I do. But. I am making some progress and here’s how…

I’ve joined the Beautify Your Instagram online course by Emily Quinton at and it is proving invaluable as well as lots of fun. For a start there’s so much available for free on her website, from insight reports about the colour palettes you’ve been choosing (often without realising it!) to a ton of videos about photography. I’m ploughing my way through all of these as well as all the lessons that come through from the paid-for course I signed up to. I’m way behind, but it doesn’t really matter because you can work through it all at your own pace and you always have access to everything in the future.

The early lessons really get you to focus on how you use social media and why. Plus it has you answering lots of questions about who you are and what you want to share. It also reminds you that the photos you post on Instagram are a representation of you, your business, or both!

In my previous post How I Improved My Instagram Craft Photography #1 I mentioned how I felt I’d neglected the garden part of inthecrochetgarden and also how I couldn’t seem to settle on a colour palette – my Instagram gallery was skittering about through the entire rainbow. Well my solution has, in part, been to embrace this. I’m making my Instagram gallery seasonal both in terms of content and colours.

It has gone from this

To this

I’ve announced its seasonal nature in my profile so people will know what to expect. My January theme is for elegant, crisp, clear images, mainly in shades of grey with a little blue and white. Whilst I wouldn’t claim it looks great yet, I think it looks more cohesive and thoughtful. It has a purpose.

I’m very excited about deciding on my colours for February and how to transition from one monthly palette to the next. It must represent that it’s still winter but spring is on the horizon.

Any ideas for perfect February colours are welcome…


A step by step journey into what it takes to improve photography for Instagram. Create a more cohesive gallery with intriguing pictures. Speak to your tribe about the things they want to hear about. Grab this free printable to set your goals for 2017 and then join me as I make positive changes to my own account and double my followers by the end of the year. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to get regular updates!




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