Free Instagram Goals Printable


I’m really enjoying the process of learning as much as I can about Instagram and by extension photography (it’s a bit of a necessity!). You can read more about it in my How I Improved My Instagram Craft Photography post. However, sometimes I get downhearted because I feel like I’m not making enough progress, or at least I’m not making progress fast enough. I get caught up in that futile habit of comparing myself to others and assuming that what they are achieving has come easily to them. I do know that it’s a completely defeatist attitude to have, but, honestly, it flares up from time to time. So how do I put up a fight against it? I remind myself that Instagram is a community and that’s the main reason for wanting to be involved. I want to know what other people are making because I’m genuinely interested. I love reading about the different projects folk have on the go and sharing their pleasure when things go well and frustration when the pain of frogging a time consuming project begins.

In order to stay motivated I created myself an Instagram Goals sheet. It will help me stay focused on what’s important.  The idea is that I will either pin it above my desk or inside my ideas notebook or bullet journal. Wherever I decide to put it, it will serve to remind me of the ways I can contribute to the community on Instagram and help me to break down my goals for building my very own presence online. I rather like it and had a lightbulb moment to share it with you all!


FREE Instagram Goals printable


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