How to Save Money Buying Yarn #1

Go to Poundland

I’m not kidding! There is a range of acrylic yarn available in Poundland that actually has some good shades. These are blue, green, grey and pink. There is much to avoid so please don’t be put off by your initial glance at the wool shelves. There are of course shades of peach, things with cheap silver thread interwoven and much in the way of cheap-looking “thin” colours. However, there are some gems, so let’s return to them. Without a shadow of doubt the cornflower blue is my absolute favourite. I’ve made a really striking cushion cover from this shade.


The dark green is such a rich shade that it really looks expensive. I haven’t used it in a project yet because I can’t decide how to make the best of it. It’s so vibrant. I think I want to make a blanket and it’s the ideal yarn to use for a blanket because it’s such good value I can buy loads of it, plus I can put it in the washing machine as it’s acrylic.

I’ve used the grey and pink too.

Such a phenomenal find. If I discover any more yarn bargains I’ll let you all know.

Happy guilt-free knitting and crocheting x


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