How to Use Up That Yarn Stash #1

Hey y’all, (I’ve been watching A LOT of Nashville lately!)

I really want to show you something I’ve made that has used up a tonne of leftover yarn from my stash. It’s the perfect pattern for using up scraps because there are parts that need quite substantial amounts of yarn and then other parts that only require a tiny amount. The VERY BEST thing about it is every row gets shorter, so it actually gets easier towards the end of the project. This is a wonderful thing and has gone some way to curing my usual problem of being a bad finisher.

Here’s a peak at it…

So it needs some blocking to square it up slightly, but I think it’s looking pretty good. It starts with long rows around two edges but decreases by two whole stitches every row. It’s chunky, squidgy and gorgeous and is full of Autumn/Winter colours. In fact I arranged the scraps to run from warm autumnal burgundy and orange, to the duller greys of November, then finally to the crisp reds and whites of December and January.

Pin it for later!

Pin it for later!

It costs nothing and even the smallest scraps of yarn can be used up in the short rows at the end. Back loop double crochet and holding the yarn double adds an on-trend chunky quality not to be missed.

Is anyone interested in making one? I can add it to my pattern pages if other folk have a stash to bust.

Hope it helps y’all (I’ll stop doing that by the time I next post)


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