Finding Your Crochet Style

So I’ve tried it all, the vintage-style potholder to the modern chunky, terribly neutral, cowl, but have struggled to find out what style of crochet is really me. I find myself constantly inspired by others (is there such a thing as crochetspo – like fitspo and equally insidiously off-putting…?). I love the homespun vintage-style granny square blankets so very much and can definitely see myself continuing to make them. I also definitely love mustard yellow and am quite happy to leap up onto that particular band wagon (see below), plus I definitely need to expand my stash to include earthy neutral colours oft seen on Instagram by crafters who live on a homestead (which I assume to be a bit like a small-holding and I DEFINITELY want one of those). However, reality kicks in every time I pick up my hook. I sit there thinking I can never be as good as them, or do what they do better than they do it. I cannot tell you how long it’s taken me to realise that that is my mistake. They key to finding my crochet style is to go through the painful process of using other people’s patterns and ideas and learning from them and then scrapping the lot and just going with the flow.

If I see a yarn and like it, I buy it, make something, then decide whether I like it. If I don’t then I will give it someone who does like it, or donate it to a charity shop and then start all over again. This, I have stopped considering “a waste” – how can I ever have thought that???! I learn something every time. This new process is instead of buying yarn because it looks a bit like the yarn I think I should be buying because the people I admire clearly buy it and make beautiful things out of it. Now that really is “a waste”. I’m not sure if I’m a whole lot closer to finding my own distinct style of crochet, but I do hope that one day, perhaps, people will be able to look at something and say, “Oh I new that’d be an inthecrochetgarden piece as soon as I saw it”.

I live in hope!



4 thoughts on “Finding Your Crochet Style

  1. Misa says:

    Oh, this resonates with me so deeply! I feel some of it comes from finding crocheters to follow and then, perhaps inevitably, comparing myself with those who’ve been at this for years. And it’s so easy to try coping, but at the end of the day I can’t be successful aping the career of others (telling myself here!) The only way to achieve what I want is to be me. Thanks for the reminder!

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