June Project

Loads of crocheted bits and pieces have been created recently. I’d love to say they’ve all been successful, but, well… That wouldn’t be entirely true!

So here’s one of the bestThis cowl came about from an impulse purchase of Icelandic Lopi yarn from Anj Medhurst’s great Meadow Yarn shop. It comes in an incredible range of colours, but I found myself drawn to darker colours such as navy and brown. The buttercup yellow was designed to lift the two deeper, darker colours – I think it’s worked.

I was originally going to do horizontal stripes in each colour which would have looked nice, but I’ve become addicted to my 25mm, enormous crochet hook. To do that I either need a super bulky specialist yarn OR 3-4 strands of a chunky yarn. I decided to see what kind of look and drape I could get from 3 strands of Lopi.

It ended up being the perfect way of showing the texture of the stitches.

It’s crocheted in the round using the yarn held treble. I added the navy blue trim along one edge as that seemed to show off the drape of the textile really beautifully.

I made it long enough to wrap around the neck twice, wide enough to pull up and over the head like a hood and also so it can be wrapped around shoulders and hung down the back like a shawl. It’s extremely versatile and I think will be worn incessantly all next winter!


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