March WIPs

1. Scrap blanket continues! For those of you that aren’t aware from my Twitter or Instagram accounts this blanket has been an ongoing project from the beginning of my crochet journey. At the start I would buy any and every knit/crochet magazine without even a nod to quality, nor any particular attention to whether I liked the projects featured inside. So what was I to do with all the endless balls of cheap acrylic freebies from the front covers…? I had read about patchwork quilts made from scraps of fabric and old clothes that, patched together, formed a family heirloom. Aha, I thought. Mismatching scraps of yarn could achieve the same thing, though they were minus special memories. I’m not claiming I’m making something of heirloom quality but I have formed a very strong attachment to it, especially as it charts improvements to my tension over the years and now incorporates leftovers from memorable projects.

It’s also VERY warm and is so big now I can hide under it! It’s still a Work In Progress though. Here’s the latest scrap heap that needs adding. 

2. Spring Blanket is growing out of a pack of cotton yarn bought for my birthday. It’s made by Scheepjeswol and was labelled as “Spring” so I decided to use all of it to make a blanket of the same name. It’s vaguely circular, though looks more hexagonal to me now. I’ve started with the pale colours, adding the richer tones in turn. It represents the pale colours of Spring turning to the bolder, jewel-like colours of summer. Well, that’s my current justification of an unusual colour palette and I’m sticking to it!       

3. Cornflower blue cushion cover. This is just the most stunning colour. I’m turning it into a chunky cushion cover. I’ve adapted grit stitch to create a heavily textured look.   

4. Shawl pattern adapted from a blanket pattern. This is version 2 as I didn’t like the texture of the first attempt. I’m using this mental yarn Crazy Zauberball  it’s great!

Hopefully they’ll all be done by the end of the month – fingers crossed! Watch their progress on Instagram and Twitter 😀 


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