Top Three Things

1. Learning a new crochet stitch. Tweed stitch is very easy but produces a nice effect. I’m using up leftover Drops Nepal yarn in some very retro mismatching colours. I might end up loving it…IMG_3458


2. Pattern design. I’ve decided I both love and hate it. The quest to come up with something original continues. I have successfully created a design for facial scrubbies – a natural way to exfoliate without feeling like you’re rubbing sand on your face. Plus a flowery coaster. It’s so difficult to tell whether your design is actually new or not, but I haven’t found anything the same as these yet.IMG_3402


3. Blankets, blankets, blankets. They are possibly the most satisfying thing to make and with winter coming I’m indulging myself in lots of blanket WIPs.

Stripy Scrap Blanket is still an ongoing work. This is only made up from leftover yarn from other projects and any free acrylic yarn that comes free with magazines.
Squares for a patchwork blanket using Jamieson’s of Shetland 100%wool

It’s all good. Have fun playing with yarn.


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