The Handmade Fair 2015 – it’s spectacular

Well let’s start with The Handmade Fair 2014 – I’ve just been on the website ready to buy a ticket for this year when I stumbled upon this… Recognise anyone?

I think this makes me and Kirstie Allsop “besties”!

I’m about 40ish seconds in crocheting an Indian Summer flower motif. I do remember a cameraman hovering about a bit, but assumed I’d hit the cutting room floor! Anyway, it’s made me chuckle and I’m even more sure that I want to go again this year. I found it truly inspirational to meet Jane Crowfoot who I’ve long been a fan of. She taught a session with all materials included where we made these. You can see the one that I was making in the video is top right – which actually I think is the best colourway (but perhaps I’m biased..!). I was very pleased as she did some one-to one teaching for a couple of minutes to show me how to crochet with beads – much easier than it looks actually.

Handmade Fair Indian Summer Flower

Read more about it in Janie’s blog post from last year.

I’m really hoping to get in on an etsy session this time around to learn more about online selling. I think it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m excited as there will be lots to learn. I’m heading back to the Handmade Fair 2015 website to check out their experts and workshops for this year… I would encourage you to go – it was SPECTACULAR!!


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