3 Reasons to Love Charity Shops

I cannot believe the goodies I’ve found today thanks to the charity shops of Belper. And best of all I’ve supported some great causes. Just wonderful!

Reason 1: Cheap Yarn. Sirdar Denim £1. Reasonable quality – there’s a bit o’ actual sheep in it 😄 

Reason 2: Vintage Patterns: ranging from comedy to classic these cost between 30p and 50p each


Quite a range of different patterns


These are just beautiful vintage pieces. I don’t have any new arrivals on the horizon so I might pass these on to another crafter at some point soon, but I couldn’t stand them languishing at  the bottom of the pile of 70s tut. Speaking of which…


Could you imagine being a member of a family like these??!

Reason 3: Crafting Magazines

79p each instead of the usual £5.99 for The Knitter. Absolutely overjoyed to find these as I spend a FORTUNE on craft mags every month.


There were also sewing magazines that I picked up too.

So there we have it – yarn, patterns and magazines. A good day’s hunting. 


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