Hooded Heaven

I thought I’d share the ups and downs of my very simple hooded scarf. When I say simple I am definitely not claiming it’s without mistakes. For a start I chose Autumnal rather than Spring colours – this is fine, I suppose, but means my new project might have to go live at the back of the wardrobe for several months.


The yarn is Mirasol Sulka and is so soft to touch it’s perfect for snuggling up in on a crisp day. And I do love the colours – they just say “October” rather than “March”…

The hooded part of the scarf is soft and flexible BUT my regret is not putting a row of double crochet along the edge because it flops about a bit too much and loses its shape.

_DSC0048     _DSC0044     _DSC0096

Nice, but not perfect.

I deliberately made a tight foundation chain as this helps to shape the hood at the back and also means the scarf has a tendency to spiral down beautifully.



I’d really like to start sharing patterns on Ravelry but I keep forgetting to write things down as I go, so my new “rule” is when I’m not following a pattern and am free-styling my way through a piece – I MUST write down what I’m doing. For example, this scarf is a row of double crochet, then treble crochet, then it switches to the V-stitch the rest of the way, but how many stitches of each were used I genuinely couldn’t tell you.

I also need to take into consideration the most efficient way of using a ball of yarn. With this scarf I was constantly buying extra yardage and found that each hank of yarn did a row and “a bit” (and it was a different length “bit” every time!), so next time I make it I will set the length of the scarf according to how many rows I can get out of a standard ball using my chosen stitch pattern. That probably makes no sense, but I know what I mean!

Overall, I’m pleased because it’s wearable, unique and my own design. As much as I like following patterns and learn a lot from them, I am definitely happier using them as inspiration for something (often daft) from my own head rather than somebody else’s.





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