A Yarny Break

Yorkshire was definitely a good choice for feeding the yarn obsession – lots of sheep up north and what fine use they make of them. Roast dinners and wool really can make a woman surprisingly happy.

There were two very special finds in terms of suppliers of lovely fings. Birdcage along Skipton High Street was full to the brim with vintage finds. The main focus seemed to be textiles and haberdashery – it’s the sort of place a crafter could spend hours, in fact a very bored OH disappeared while I was rummaging around in baskets of vintage Vogue patterns and knitting books like a pig in the proverbial. The prices were very reasonable for some things and rather high for others (the Vintage Vogue patterns, sadly).


The shiny new button for my phone cover cost all of 10p and best of all it isn’t actually shiny or new. It was probably last seen on an old man’s jumper in 1974 – but I love it!

My new favourite shop is Purl&Jane Knitting Emporium – emporium makes it sound so indulgent and magnificent and it wasn’t far off. I think I clocked up at least three visits and successfully/unsuccessfully spent a fortune on yarn that I will probably just stare at and touch and wonder longingly for some free time to actually make something with it.

There was a holiday make though – a new phone case. I went for simple stripes in double crochet in a rather beautiful 100% Shetland DK wool by Jamieson’s – a find courtesy of Purl&Jane. 5 colours and one vintage button and there it was – a slightly studenty and, again, 70s inspired handmade item. The wool happens to be very stiff which is great as it’s kept its shape even after repeated daily use.




The blue wool is also being used in my next “make” – it’s scarf season so of course there are several on the go, as well as plenty of wrist warmers which, interestingly, have received a mixed reception when worn at work. Plenty of compliments but a few comments suggesting they are ridiculous and only worn by lunatics. Oh well, you can’t win everyone over! And such people clearly have no sense of style 🙂


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