First Past the Post

Taking photographs of crafts – I had no idea how hard this would be. Firstly, it’s always too dark, I mean wherever I stand in my quite light and airy house, it is still too dark for photos. So, I’ve done my best to use something recognisably crafty for my page headers. They are all pictures of something created by me, whether it’s the only plant in my garden in flower, or the only project I’ve actually finished (more about half-finished projects another time). There is, somewhere, in the back of my mind, a grand master plan for all of this – the crafting, the website, the growing need to discuss the latest project and future projects, but before I can move any further forward with any of it I need to perfect the art (it is so very hard so it must be an art) of craft photography. Now when I say perfect, I mean a bit better than I can do at present. I have somewhere a magazine with an article all about this topic so I think the next step is to actually read it…. 🙂


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